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Innovative Thyroid Solutions
Breakthrough Thyroid Care for Frustrated Thyroid Patients!
Why Stress Physiology is the SECOND Priority in Every
Thyroid Patient!

If you have been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, and your thyroid medication does not
help…or, if you have multiple thyroid symptoms, but your doctor says your labs are fine, you
are likely doing your homework...digging up alternative information on thyroid health.

But you may be searching the WRONG terms!  When you search THYROID, you might miss
this critical step in restoring thyroid function.  

In my experience, almost every Thyroid case I have seen REQUIRED working through
stress physiology and adrenal health.

Think about that…how much energy do you have when finish a marathon, a fight or argument,
or an overwhelming week at work or with the kids?

Common sense tells us not to worry about your energy after these stressful events.  You
expect low energy, and know you need to rest.  

What I find in almost every thyroid patient that the adrenal glands and stress hormones must
be balanced to even get to thyroid function.

Here’s my analogy.  The life process that most resembles the thyroid function is eating food.

Eating food is what provides our energy and metabolism, and inside, that is the function of the

Now imagine you are driving home, looking forward to your favorite dinner…but when you
arrive home, you discover that your tub was left on upstairs, and it flooded the bathroom and
soaked the kitchen underneath.  

Dinner will be delayed tonight while we attend to the STRESS of the MESS!  

Inside your body, Stress Physiology takes many forms…chemicals such as cortisol and
adrenaline…feelings such as fear, resistance, and overwhelm.  

None of these chemicals are “bad,” in fact adrenaline feels really GOOD, in short bursts.  

But if you stay in that “fight or flee” response too long or too often, it is EXHAUSTING.  And it
will suppress thyroid function over time.  

Whatever you do to stimulate thyroid WILL NOT WORK until you address Stress

How do you know if you have an adrenal problem?  Common symptoms of adrenal problems
are insomnia, muscle twitching, sensitivity to sunlight, headaches with exertion, allergies,
asthma, restless legs, and FATIGUE!  

Most doctors don’t even check or consider your adrenal glands.  Many do not “believe in” the
reality of Adrenal Fatigue.  

But doesn’t common sense suggest if the thyroid gland can function LOW, so can the adrenal

COME ON!!  That is ludicrous to dismiss the existence of Adrenal Fatigue!

We use a test called the Adrenal Stress Index to identify how your adrenal hormones are
functioning throughout the day.  

If you have adrenal hormone imbalance, treating these hormones, which can ONLY be done
naturally, is like taking your foot off the BRAKE for thyroid function!

A vast majority of our thyroid patients have had to rehabilitate their adrenal function in their

But, as I mentioned, each step…immune challenges…stress physiology…and then metabolism
and thyroid, lifts your energy, so often in a matter of weeks you can see and feel the shift!  

It’s all a matter of proper diagnosing and prioritizing….
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He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in Functional Neurology.  
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