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SubClinical Anemia and Thyroid Suppression

Anemia is a condition our culture is quite aware of…but here is your Little Known Fact:

Subclinical anemia will suppress thyroid function!  

What do I mean by subclinical?  When doctors look at labs, they either qualify you to have a
condition or not, by the value of the measurement.  You know one I bet…TSH, or Thyroid
Stimulating Hormone.  

That is the value doctors get to rule in or out hypothyroidism.  If your value is over 5, you have a
thyroid disorder.  

By now, you know it is not that simple though.  You know that there are at least 7 types of low
thyroid function, and only 1 shows up with a TSH high value.  But this isn’t about that.

Anemia is pretty straightforward.  You either have low hemoglobin or not.  But…what is low?  

Medical doctors have a standard to diagnose anemia starting at the value of 11.  Under 11 and
you “officially” have the condition.  

Functional Medicine actually looks at you differently.  Instead of comparing you to a disease
standard, we compare you to an optimal health standard.  An optimal range of hemoglobin is
13.7 or greater.  This is the range where people feel dang GOOD!  

That leaves this range…11 to 13.6 as a “grey area.” (don’t worry about what the values mean…it’
s just a number to identify a function in your body…in this case, building healthy red blood cells
to deliver oxygen to your body).  

It’s not a disease, but it also is not healthy.  We call that subclinical (not quite disease level) or
sub-optimal (not quite healthy either).  I actually prefer the term sub-optimal…that way we focus
your attention in the direction of optimal!  

Of course it is graded…if you score a 13.6, or one tenth of a point below optimal, that is a SMALL
grade and will have a small effect on your health.  And if you score 11.1, or one tenth of a point
from having the criteria for the disease, this is a LARGE grade, and will have a larger effect on
your health.  

The point is simple…what if you are taking thyroid meds, supplements, and following a “thyroid
diet” yet you are subclinically anemic!?  Guess how well those resources will work for you!?  

That’s why we check FULL SYSTEM with every thyroid patient.  What if you have
subclinical anemia, and liver, kidney, and hypoglycemia problems?  That can add up to a BIG hit
on your thyroid function, and STILL not show up as a “clinical thyroid problem.”

This attention to detail allows us to help even people like Melissa, who had been to so many
doctors (traditional and natural) that she said, “this is it…if you can’t help me, I will accept my fate
of dying young.”  And now, she says, “Holy crap, I am officially a ‘senior’ on medicare, and I have
never felt this good, IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!”  
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