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Why Immune Defense is the TOP Priority in Every Thyroid

If you have been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, and your thyroid medication
does not help…or, if you have multiple thyroid symptoms, but your doctor says your
labs are fine….

You have likely taken on the hat of “research scientist.”  You search for additional information,
alternative information, and find information on iodine, Wilsons disease or syndrome, herbal
medicines such as Ashwagandha that has scientific studies showing direct effects on thyroid
function…maybe even the genetic issue known as MTHFR…depending how deep you dig.
But you may be searching the WRONG terms!  

These are the things that turn up when you search THYROID.  

In my experience, almost
every Thyroid case I have seen REQUIRED starting with the
immune system.
 Think about that…how much energy do you have when you are sick?  

If you had lab tests while sick, it would likely show that your thyroid or pituitary stimulation of
thyroid is LOW.  But it should be, so your body can heal and rest.  

But you have common sense…you don’t worry about your energy when sick.  You expect low

What I find in almost every thyroid patient that some immune challenge must be cleared just to
get to the thyroid.  

Here’s my analogy.  The life process that most resembles the thyroid function is eating food.  
Eating food is what provides our energy and metabolism, and inside, that is regulated by the

Now imagine you are driving home, looking forward to your favorite dinner…but when you walk
in the front door, an intruder is packing up your valuables in the living room!  Common sense
again lets us know that dinner will be delayed!

Inside your body, the intruders are viruses, yeast, bacteria, parasites, and in the modern
world…chemicals.  Maybe you’ve even come across the connections…how thyroid function is
suppressed by chlorine, pesticides, candida…and add ANY invasion to that list!  

And typically, they aren’t respiratory (colds, bronchitis, etc.) they are located in the elimination
systems…liver, intestines, kidneys.  

And they can be VERY SUBTLE…if you happened to watch the video of Judy, we diagnosed H.
Pylori bacteria in her stomach…which is known to lead to ulcers and hemorrhage, but virtually
no symptoms otherwise.  

And if you know that as soon as we prescribed the natural anti-bacterial…she
started dropping weight and increasing energy…long before we paid any attention to her

Whatever you do to stimulate thyroid WILL NOT WORK if you have an immune challenge.

How do you know if you have an immune challenge?  Well, if your attempts are not working,
that is a big clue…but our labs show your immune challenges very reliably.  

And the vast majority of doctors will NEVER check your immune system when you present with
thyroid symptoms.  

BIG MISTAKE!  And hopefully you now see the “common sense” behind my observation, and
why we do full system labs with every patient!  
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He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in Functional Neurology.  
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