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    Q: Why does my doctor tell me my thyroid is fine (or managed properly) when I
    still have thyroid symptoms?

    A: They are practicing from an old and limited model of thyroid diagnosis.  
    Understanding how everything affects everything else is not in the realm of
    your doctor.  In fact, Medicine is the practice of further and further
    specialization, meaning they see less and less.  

    Q: What are the recommended tests for truly finding out what is wrong
    with my thyroid function?

    A: A true thyroid functional test:

    Are you aware that there are 11 lab markers to properly evaluate your thyroid
    yet almost all doctors only order one or two?  And that is just for the thyroid.  
    Many other systems influence the thyroid as well.  Below is a summary of the

    •        TSH (this is what conventionally is ordered, measure pituitary gland regulation of   

    But what about these tests?

    •        Total T4 (the hormone released from your thyroid gland)
    •        Total T3 (the level of active thyroid hormone converted from T4)
    •        FTI (free thyroxine index) (Overall measure of thyroid output)
    •        FT4 (free throxine) (the “available” thyroid hormone)
    •        T3 Uptake (How much of T3 is actually inactive)
    •        FT3 (free triodothyroxine) (Available Active Thyroid Hormone)
    •        Reverse T3 (this measures the effects of stress on thyroid function)
    •        TPO and TBG Antibodies (Autoimmune)
    •        TBG levels (the carrier protein, the hormone is unavailable)
    •        Adrenal Stress Profile (the impact of stress on your thyroid)
    •        Immune Panel (The impact of immune function on your thyroid)
    •        Intestinal Ecology  (the impact of infections and normal bowel bacteria)
    •        Inflammation Panel: (the impact of inflammation on your thyroid)
    •        Blood Sugar Regulation  (the impact of blood sugar on your thyroid)
    •        Anemia Panel (the impact of oxygen levels on your thyroid)

    How can you manage health without all the information?  Burning out the
    thyroid gland with hormone replacement is a 50 year old model.

    In order to manage your health you need to look at the causes of the
    problem…not just the symptoms.

    Q:  How do you get results when nobody else seems to understand my
    condition, and ultimately can't help me?  In other words, what makes
    your clinic and your protocols different?

    A:  The effective difference is our commitment and willingness to keep asking WHY?  
    Why do you have low energy?  Why is your hair falling out?  When you keep asking,
    and keep searching, you eventually have that breakthrough.  "Oh, now I get it."  

    It also requires an open mindedness.  If you already "know" everything, well,
    what else can you learn?  

    You benefit from our persistence, our research, and our dedication to the science of
    human physiology.  Like I mentioned on another page, I wouldn't have had any idea
    what to do if I met Melissa or Judy 15 years ago...but I would have tried something I
    never tried before.  I wouldn't have kept doing the same old protocols, expecting a
    different result.

    While you might think of traditional medicine as "real" medicine, my doctorate in natural
    medicine allowed me the freedom to consider anything and everything, and finally find
    YOUR solution.

    Q:  How much does this evaluation cost?

    A:  After reviewing your past records and tests we can provide an exact cost of what is
    needed.  It depends on how many of the necessary tests have been run already.  
    Clearly, you are missing something in terms of evaluation, and we will know exactly what
    when we get your records.  In most cases we are able to achieve the necessary
    diagnostics for under $100!  

    Q:  What is your guarantee?  

    A:  Of course, there is no guarantee in health care.  What we do depends on
    your following our recommendations and “doing what it takes.”  This might
    include gluten free (wheat, barley, corn, etc.) if you are autoimmune…it might
    include eating protein every 2 hours if you are hypoglycemic.  It will definitely
    include taking supplements…that is our medicine.  I certainly don’t feel that the
    requirements are that restrictive, and our goal is to get you to a place where you
    have more dietary freedom.  

    If you follow our recommendations, however, I would take a sizeable bet on your
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Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician,
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He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in Functional Neurology.  
This clinic does not treat named conditions, rather we treat
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