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Wood Creates Fire

In the eastern philosophy of the five elements, the ancients made a simple
observation…wood creates fire.
 The wood organs are the liver and gall bladder, and one
of the fire organs is THYROID, which of course is our internal heat and temperature regulator.  

It is amazing to me that with very little understanding of hormones, this ancient observation of
nature, life, and health stands true today.  

Today, we understand that the final step of thyroid hormone function is conversion of T4
(thyroxine) into T3 IN THE LIVER.  

I don’t want to confuse you with foreign concepts, but just observe and identify the liver’s role
in thyroid metabolism.  

You need your LIVER as much as your thyroid to have excellent energy, metabolism, warmth,
and even mental focus.  It’s amazing to me how modern science has pulled apart our body and
even has different doctors for each different part!  

On to practical…  I often see a LAB pattern with thyroid patients of low cholesterol and low
triglycerides.  These fatty “nutrients” are what the liver produces...part of the liver’s “work.”  

If these two fats are not being made, we know the liver is not “working” well…one job being the
last step of “creating fire!”  

Often, these people have thyroid symptoms, but are told they are “fine.”  Just saying, but if my
car didn’t accelerate, and the mechanic checked one thing and said it was “fine,” I would fire
him or her on the spot!  

And that’s why we do full system labs.  (And why would you expect less from your doctor than
your mechanic!?)  We are able to pick up on other organ needs that are critical for energy

And…with depression a common symptom of low thyroid…years ago, I came across a study
relating low cholesterol to depression.  

If you’ve been doing your own homework, maybe you have seen that one the website of the
National Library of Medicine, in the right hand column, it lists related studies.  Sure enough,
when cholesterol drops below 140, some suggest even 160, your incidence of brain and mood
disorders sky rockets!  

ADHD, depression, anxiety, OCD, anger…in one study, every person on death row for murder
in one prison had cholesterol below 140!  

Apparently, most doctors have not read these studies, or discovered the connection to low
thyroid, because they are now purposely suppressing cholesterol levels below 160 with statin

And there’s your instant practical application…if you are on statins such as Lipitor, and have
mood or thyroid problems, toss them in the garbage and watch for the next month to see if
your energy and mood improve!  
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He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in Functional Neurology.  
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