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PMS and Thyroid Health

Did you catch that 2 types of thyroid dysfunction, of the 7 I cover, are caused by
female hormone imbalances!?
 And maybe that is why over 5 TIMES more women than men
suffer from low thyroid symptoms.  

In PMS, which often manifests as pain, cramping, and moodiness, it is typical to observe a lack
of estrogen “detoxification” as the cycle approaches menses.  Meaning, at this time of your
cycle, your estrogen is too high.  

Normally, by day 21, if fertilization and implantation do not occur, the liver starts binding and
eliminating both estrogen and progesterone.  

But if the liver is burdened by high environmental toxins OR high insulin (metabolic syndrome
X), the estrogen is inefficiently removed from circulation, leaving high levels…and the higher
the levels, when they should be lowest…the more severe your PMS symptoms!

Which creates…INACTIVATION of your thyroid hormone…and thyroid symptoms…all while
your doctor says your thyroid is FINE!  

And he or she is correct…this is not a thyroid GLAND problem…this is a thyroid HORMONE
problem…specifically the inability to bind with thyroid receptors on cells and create ENERGY.  
If you can’t create ENERGY sufficiently…your metabolism tanks…you feel depressed (in
addition to the moodiness and irritability caused by high estrogen)…you gain weight (in this
case more in the hips and butt)…your hair and skin lose their luster…and you have full
HYPOTHYROIDISM without qualifying for the condition medicine calls hypothyroidism…
because your TSH isn’t high.  

Booooo….for doctors that don’t keep looking and discovering the mechanism (cause) of your

Perhaps one reason is that pharmaceutical medicine does not have a recourse or resolution
for LOWERING estrogen.  

That effect can ONLY happen by providing the nutrients and plants that support the liver in
eliminating estrogen.  ONLY nature can help with this problem!  

You might consider me a specialist in thyroid disorders, and it is true…we have remarkable
success in treating thyroid problems of all types…but do you see that I have to be an immune
specialist, stress physiology specialist, liver specialist, as well as a hormone specialist…in
order to truly BE a THYROID SPECIALIST!!??

You HAVE to look at ALL systems and their interaction with the thyroid in order to fully
diagnose and resolve thyroid symptoms!  

I think of it this way…if you don’t use full system lab testing…you are wasting years of your
life…feeling lousy, functioning less that your ideal, and really, reducing your enjoyment of life!

Take action to ADD LIFE to your life…get the WHOLE STORY…. ASAP!
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Dr. Stone is a Chiropractic Physician,
certified in Integrated Natural Medicine and Applied Kinesiology, and Functional Diagnostic Medicine.  
He also has over 300 hours of post doctoral education in Functional Neurology.  
This clinic does not treat named conditions, rather we treat
each individual toward health.